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 Stud Services

BellaRuba Aces High - Light Stud Male (Unproven)
Mobile Mating: £500 No VAT
Drive By Mating: £500 No VAT
On Farm Mating: £550 No VAT
Family Tree:
Fleece Stats: 
1st - Fleece 11mths Growth
Micron: 19.6
SD: 4.3
CF: 98.5%
CVD: 22.0%
SL: 145.0mm
CRV: 43.3 Dg/mm
2nd-Fleece 9mths Growth
Micron: 22.2
SD: 4.3
CF: 95.2%
CVD: 19.5%
SL: 90mm
CRV: 43.6Dg/mm
3rd Fleece
Micron: 21.0
SD: 4.2

Ace Winning 1st Intermediate Light Male - Alpaca Showtime 2017

Aces High is a stunning proud looking male who will be available for stud. Ace is a male that certainly stands out, especially in the show ring. Every fleece has come through extremely dense and is very fine with such a lovely handle, you almost can't stop touching it! He has an amazing fleece style with high frequency crimp and small fine pencil like staples. Ace was placed 1st in the Intermediate Light Male class at Alpaca Showtime 2016 in a class of 8, up against some of the top breeders in the UK. The Judge's comments were that "He has exquisite fleece, and is extremely bright and fine, with consistent density throughout." His 2nd Fleece was shown at the EAG Fleece show scoring a high score of 80.5 winning Best Huacaya EAG Fleece and 2nd in his class. Ace has shown a quite impressive the show record, recently coming 2nd in the Adult light Male class at the very first Eastern Alpaca Group halter show 2018.  
Aces Show Results:
5th Junior Light Male - BAS National 2016
1st Intermediate Light Male - Alpaca Showtime 2016
3rd Intermediate White Male - BAS National 2017
6th Intermediate White Male - HOE Spring Fiesta 2017
2nd Intermediate White Fleece - EAG Fleece Show 2017
Eastern Alpaca Group Member - Best Huacaya Fleece 2017
4th Adult Light Male - HOE Spring Fiesta 2018
2nd Adult Light Male - Easten Alpaca Group Halter Show 2018

Furze Park Blaise of Glory- Dark Fawn Stud Male (Unproven)
Cria due summer 2019
Mobile Mating: £400 No VAT
Drive By Mating: £400 No VAT
On Farm Mating: £450 No VAT
Family Tree:
Blaise of Glory is a magnificent proud looking male who will be available for stud this summer coming 2019. His first cria will be due on the ground this coming summer 2019. His 3rd fleece has come through extremely dense and with a  lovely  soft handle. His fleece is consistent in style and brightness, with very dense staple. The male produces and EXTREME amount of fleece! His second blanket of fleece fully skirted weighed in at just under 4kg!! (Photo above, if you don't believe us ask our shearer!!) Blaise was placed 1st Fawn Junior Male class at Alpaca Showtime 2016. The Judge's comments highlighted the consistancy in fineness and density throughout his fleece. This male is very well grown with very tidy true to type conformation, with a temperament to die for! Which has been very noticeable from his sire's bloodline, and his half brother we also own (BellaRuba Bondai Babe). He has been bred on two of our females so far at 2 yrs of age, (brown & Fawn full sisters) and got pregnant first time, to both one maiden and experienced female. (FLEECE STATS WILL BE POSTED SOON)
Aces Show Results:
1st Junior Fawn Male - Alpaca Showtime 2016

Terms and Conditions
For on farm matings a minimum of two females (preferably 3) is required. All Females will have a spit off every week for 6 weeks and a scan at 60 days (owners cost) to confirm pregnancy at £10 a week per animal. For mobile matings, there is a charge of £1 per mile over a 25 mile radius, plus stud fee. A minimum of two matings is required for over 50 mile radius for mobile matings. 
24hr live birth guarantee (cria death has to be vet certified) with free re-mating provided over a two year period. Females that fail to take more than three times, are recommended a fertility check if mated to a proven male, with an opinion of stud fee refunded or exchange in stud (depending on initial stud fee).
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