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About us...

BellaRuba Alpacas was established in October 2014 and is based in a small village Crowfield in Suffolk, in the heart of the deben valley countryside. Although we are a very small herd and not as well known as other large breeders, we are working on trying to produce the highest quality of standards. The way we hope to achieve this is to keep our animals in tip top condition & with a strict husbandry routine and using the best feed products, giving us the best fibre quality and production. Many breeders will tell you if Alpacas have a lot of condition (over weight) they are a lot more likely to have a more coarse fleece; otherwise know as a 'Higher Micron'. This means that the fibres in the fleece will be thicker than an Alpaca who has a 'Lower Micron', which may perhaps be in less condition. We aim to keep our alpacas in optimum condition with a good micron count, for quality usable fibre production. 


Here at BellaRuba Alpacas we are working on keeping all of our animals in perfect condition as well striving to keep the micron & SD as consistent and as low as possible, from their 1st to their last fleeces. We have already proven that our animals have not only got show winning genetics but they're show winning themselves, and we hope to continue this by breeding to the best bloodlines available to us.


Our first show we entered was the biggest show in Europe, the British Alpaca Futurity 2015. There was a record braking 440 animals that entered in the show and we only entered two of ours, both had proven to be front row winners. Melford Green Rosika was placed 3rd in Intermediate white female & Melford Green Francoise was placed 6th in Junior Medium Fawn Female. 


At the British Alpaca Society (BAS) National show 2016, we entered our first bred male, BellaRuba's Aces High who carries Unique Australian genetics i.e. National Supreme Champion Bozedown Galaxy & Futurity Champion Dovecoat Jaquinto who have all proved their progeny to be show winners, of which have also proven him to be so... taking a front row place at the BAS National 2016 & 2017.

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