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Alpaca Talks!...Alpaca Walks!....Alpaca Everything! 

Please note: All payments are made by Bank Transfer or PayPal on receiving Invoice for your booking. Thank you!

Alpaca Farm Visits/Talks...

Here at BellaRuba Alpacas we offer private farm visits at our small farm in Suffolk. We provide a small tour around our farm, with a chance to feed and interact with the alpacas with a close up view. Its a great chance to take close up photos and a great family day out, creating some of the best memories you'll never forget! We discuss about how we look after the animals, the fibre they produce and the breeding/birthing season and the care of the cria (Baby Alpaca) and the necessary husbandry, with lots more. Tea, coffee and soft drinks are included! Kids under 3yrs of age come free!


                                                              Price per Farm Visit:

                                                             £25 minimum Charge

                                                            £10 per additional guest 

         Price per Walk:

         £40 per Animal

         £10 per additional guest

Alpaca Experience Days...

We offer a total alpaca experience day which are made bespoke to all of our client needs. Here is an example of what our experiences may involve:

- Morning introduction & refreshments -  

- Short talk on basic handling of an alpacas -

- Alpaca Walks -

- Discussing on breeding & genetics, and what we do as a family business -

- A fleece skirting presentation before the processing -

- Further discussion on fleece quality and fleece processing -

   Light Lunch & Refreshments (Own Lunch £10 off)

- To finish up a talk about birthing and basic husbandry -

- Bespoke information pack to take home with you -

This is perfect if you are planning on keeping alpacas, learning all the important information you need to know before you jump in the deep end! We provide a full MOT on alpaca husbandry to help you provide the best possible care for your future endeavour on keeping alpacas. Alpacas are very unique and have particular needs that are extremely important to maintain. It is therefore essential do the right research to choose the right alpacas for you. Whether they'll be just pets or if you want to breed them. All of our experience days are bespoke, to make sure we tailor for everyone's needs.  So if have a particular special request, just ask! We'll provide the best service we possibly can for you, to ensure you know everything you need to know, before jumping in the deep end and buying your very first alpacas!

Price: £100 per person lunch provided

   £80 per person own lunch (drinks included)

Husbandry Courses...

We offer husbandry courses that are made bespoke to all of our client needs/demands. Our alpaca husbandry course for basic care come as standard with any new alpaca owner purchase from BellaRuba Alpacas.

Listed below are some of the topics we cover. These are self selected by you, to suit your needs and ensure that you get the best out of your own alpaca herd:

- Alpaca Handling/IM & SC Injection Demo

- Microchipping 

- Addressing Wounds or Sores

- Birthing and Aftercare

- Handing lower limb & Trimming Toenails

- Hand Shear Trimming

- Nutrition & Parasitology

- Dealing with deficiencies

- Information pack to take home with you

This is perfect if you are about to purchase or new to keeping alpacas. These courses are all practically based, getting the full hands on husbandry experience/activities and realistic approach to the husbandry skills and needs to keeping alpacas (ideal if you want more hands on after having one of our experience days). Therefore, helping you to learn more in depth about the upkeep of alpacas and how to treat your animals independently and with more confidence. It not only helps you to provide the best care for your alpacas, it will enables you to work around your alpacas being efficient with your time and listing the husbandry priorities. This course will also ensure that you know exactly what your looking for if there was to be a compromise with your alpacas health, before it could potentially progress. Additionally, if you have a particular special request, we'll try our best to provide the best service we possibly can for you. With our knowledge and experience we will provide you with everything you need to know to suit your needs and demands!


Half Day Course 9am - 1pm (4 topics) - £100 (£60 per additional guest) 

Full Day Course 9am - 5pm (8 topics) - £120 (£80 per additional guest)

The full day husbandry course includes a light lunch and refreshments. For the half day course refreshments are available throughout.  

**PLEASE NOTE** - Husbandry Courses/Experience Days will only take place on Weekends - Prebooked visits to the farm can still be carried out most days of the week.

For all visits dress according for the weather conditions I.e. closed walking shoes/boots/hat/jacket and wellies/waterproofs for wet weather. All Visits and Experience Days have have to be prebooked (preferably weeks in advance). There is a Minimum charge of £25 per guest and £10 for additional people attending. Alpaca walks can be carried out most days of the week. Alpaca experience days are only available on a Saturday and Sunday. If you have booked with us, please ensure you have read our T&C on our Policy.

Please contact us for further information!

All payment information and booking conformation will be sent via email, and paid via cash/bacs or PayPal. Please note we DO NOT except cheques.

No Dogs are allowed on our farm, due to strict bio-hazard measures. Thank you. 

Bio-security and Health & Safety Regulations


As a customer of BellaRuba Alpacas you must follow our strict bio-security and health & safety regulations that are put in place, before you come in contact with our animals. This is important so that we ensure all the correct precautions are put in place, not just for our customer’s safety but for our animal’s safety as well.​​On the day of your visit you will be asked to sign our regulation form to comply with the regulations we have. This will be compulsory before you come in contact with our Alpacas on our farm. 

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